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1. Do you deliver free to anywhere in Malaysia?

Yes, we provide free delivery in West Malaysia area only.

We are currently available in Malaysia and Singapore only. Delivery fee for Sabah area and Sarawak area are RM180.

Delivery fee for Singapore area will be RM200.

2. Where can I try a TAKEAWAY mattress?

You may try out our mattresses at our Takeaway Experience Stores !

41, Jalan Flora Utama 8, Taman Flora Utama, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

Another way about Takeaway is you don’t have to step out your house. Just order online, and you can enjoy your 99 nights free trial at your home sweet home. More info, refer to TRIAL AND RETURNS.
3. How long will it take for my Takeaway to arrive?Due to current high volume of orders, production time will take 8 – 10 days. Subject to stock availability.

West Malaysia shipping time will take 3 – 5 working days.
East Malaysia shipping time will take around 21 – 30 working days.
4. Can I choose a specific delivery date and time?We’re choosing Skynet as our logistic partner to deliver your order(s).

Currently is not possible to specify a shipping date and time. But, depending on the logistic partner, the logistic partner may give phone call before delivery, may discuss with them during that time.

1. What are the core materials of TAKEAWAY product?It is depending on the model you choose.

Takeaway mattresses contains Cool Gel Memory Foam, the award winning Hybrid Foam and cooling yarn fabric to make sure you sleep comfortably yet cool enough.
2. Does the mattresses get warm?Traditional memory foam does get hot, but with Cool Gel Memory foam, we make sure you will sleep cool all night long.
3. Are TAKEAWAY mattresses safe to use?Yes, the factory which produces the Takeaway mattresses has been certified by several institutions in order to hit the export quality to export to other countries. Secretly let you know here, it is one of the largest foam manufacturers in Batu Pahat. Shhhh…
4. Is TAKEAWAY Mattresses and Pillow anti-dust mite?Yes, all of our products are anti-dust mite. However, we will suggest you to always keep your place clean for a better and healthier night sleep.

You may contact info@takeawaybedding.com to know more about how to improve our night sleep.

1. How could I try on the mattresses as TAKEAWAY does not have a physical store?

Currently we have 1 Takeaway Experience Store in West Malaysia.

41, Jalan Flora Utama 8, Taman Flora Utama, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

However, you may enjoy our 99 nights’ trial on our mattress in your home without feeling awkward to try “sleep” in front of a salesman! Feel free to ask for return or full refund if you feel the mattress is not suitable for you.

2. What exactly is 99 Nights Free Trial?

A short trial session in physical store sometimes will cause the wrong decision made and get a not suitable mattress. However, with our 99 Nights Free Trial policy, you can try on our products in your own comfort area with pressure free.

Within 99 calendar days of mattress delivery, you may request for return or refund of any kind reason you are not satisfied with your mattress. Read more about the return or refund policy HERE.

3. What is the time frame to make return or refund for the mattress?
We request that you sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days for an adjustment period to truly get to know the Takeaway and see whether it is suitable to you or not.
A validity date to make return and refund for a mattress start from the 31 to 99 calendar days of your mattress delivery.
4. What should I do to the mattress that I request for return or refund?
Mattress requested for return or refund must be wrapped up compactly using the original plastic or any other plastic that can provide same performance in order to prevent the mattress from getting dirty or damaged during all the way transport back to our factory.
5. How do I return the mattress?
For a mattress return request, you may drop us a message with your order number, invoice/receipt and reason for returning to our Facebook Page Support Team / WhatsApp Support Team.
We will give you a call for supporting and arranging our third-party logistics partner to pick up the mattress according to the previous delivery address.
6. How long could I get the refund?
Your refund will be issued within 7 business days after we have received your returned mattress back to ware house.
7. What happens to the returned mattresses?
We will never resell the returned/used mattresses to our customer. Instead, we will donate the returned mattresses to any local charities supporting the needy people.
Otherwise, our factory will dispose the returned mattress and recycling the foam.

1. What type of bed frame is suitable for TAKEAWAY Mattress?
Any type of bed frame or foundation that is firm, even and supportive is suitable. Most of the bed frame in the market is compatible. If you want get a more perfect one, you may refer to our mattress size guide. The firmness of the mattress will be slightly affected by the foundation you used for. 
2. How long should I wait for the mattress expands after un-boxing it?
We suggest that let your mattress expand an hour before sleeping on it. Mattress will be fully taken shape after 24 hours and will provide the most perfect comfort to you.
3. What kind of bed sheets should I choose for TAKEAWAY mattress?
Standard size bed sheets in the market can fit our mattress. If you want to get the perfect one, you may refer to the size guide of the model you purchase.
4. Can I flip my TAKEAWAY mattress?
Yes, if you purchase our Takeaway Mix model, you may flip the mattress upside down to get a different comfort level of the mattress. Other models, you can just rotate the mattresses.
5. How long the warranty period with a TAKEAWAY mattress come with?
A Takeaway mattress comes with 10 years “Pro –Rated Limited Warranty”. Check our warranty guideline in our Terms and Conditions page. 

1. Why TAKEAWAY exist?
The traditional way is too complicated and may ended up buying a mattress which is not worth the money you have paid because of the salespersons who maybe cared more about their financial income than your comfort. You maybe have the chances to try the mattress on spot for a few minutes before you made your decision, but it is not enough. 
We want to make sure you find the mattress which really suits you. So all you will have to do is just a few clicks on our website, we will prepare and deliver the wonderful Takeaway Mattresses to your door step for 99 nights trial. 
2. What is behind the "TAKEAWAY" name?
“Takeaway” was chosen because of the takeaway. We want to make your life easier just like you order your takeaway foods. We deliver a better and different sleep to you.
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