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Let us tell you a bedtime story before you get a Takeaway mattress or going to bed.
A very long time ago… … oh, wait, maybe not that long.
Let’s start it all over again.
Somewhere in 1994…
Four brothers, Mr. C, Mr. K, Mr. L and Mr. N, were gathering and spending time together in somewhere which only themselves remember.
And, this is where the dream started.

TAKEAWAY Brand Story 1

Mr. C – 15 years of experience in Foaming line.                                    
Mr. K – 13 years of experience in design and advertising line.
Mr. L – 10 years of experience in Production Line.              
Mr. N – 8 years of experience in Management line.

TAKEAWAY Brand Story 2

In 1994, they have successfully built up the foam business which covered most of the furniture line in Malaysia which includes sofa, bedroom furniture, dining chair and etc.

In 1996, they started to produce OEM mattress for a few famous brands in Malaysia.
Which mattress brand in Malaysia you asked?
Sorry, it is classified.

In 1997, they had decided to launch their first mattress brand, The B-Class brand.
What is The B-Class stand for?
Sorry, it is classified as well.

In 2001, they started to step foot to technical foam industry which covered the foam to automotive line, audio line, medical line and etc.
Same year, the factory has been accredited DIN EN ISO 9001:2001.

In 2006, after knowing that the NASA technology, Memory foam can be used and extremely suitable as bedding material, they decided to put more effort in R&D and hired a professional to help them developed the first memory foam mattress in Malaysia. And they did succeed and launched another luxury brand with it, The A-Class brand.

TAKEAWAY Brand Story 3

In 2016, some miracle accident happened at the research laboratory.

After several testing on how to improve the memory foam quality and meanwhile includes the latex features into the memory foam, they accidentally developed a new palm oil-based material which has won the ITEX Malaysia 2016 Gold Medal, they named it fluidized foam and later has been renamed by other brands.

For Takeaway Mattress, to be easy to remembered, we named it Hybrid Foam, because of its both material features, Memory Foam and Latex.

TAKEAWAY Brand Story 4

In 2018, the next generation inheritor, Alvin noticed the expanding of digital market. Based on the previous experience he had learnt from the last generation and the survey on what the people want now, he had decided to start the Mattress-In-A-Box series which is quite common in US and starting to expand in Malaysia Market. And meanwhile, company did exporting good quality mattress to US which fulfil the US standard. So, he started to gather a team to help him fulfil the mission and bring sweet dream to the others. Hanz and CY are the first batch to join the team. They are young but passion and creative enough. With the strong backup from last generation founders and the creativity from the young generations, Takeaway Bedding has step foot to the future dream.

TAKEAWAY Brand Story 5 

At the end of the story, you might curious about a few of things.

First, yes, this is a bedtime story based on a true story.

Why Takeaway? Well, why not? All you have to do is just order online, and we will make the mattress fresh and deliver to you for 99 nights trial. Just a few clicks, and you will own a good night sleep happy and after.

How is Takeaway different from other brands?

Go take a look of our product page, and you will understand how.

Sleep in a different way!

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